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Yin Yoga and Sound Bath

by Fusion on Sat 09 Apr, 2016

Unwind with the glorious mix of yin yoga accompanied by a live sound bath.  A long held, deep yin flow guided by Suzanne Hite releases stress by reducing tension in the tight parts of your body.  The crystal singing bowls played by Richard Grace cultivate a harmonic space to deepen relaxation and transformation.

Can’t be missed combination!

Richard Grace is a classical pianist and organist, and began his practice of meditation while studying music in graduate school.  Since becoming a teacher of yoga, he has worked to incorporate his love of meditation, music, and sound healing into his classes.  

Using simple language, Suzanne creates balanced classes without being tedious.  Her approach is to explore and relish in a practice that reduces stress, allows you to embrace your uniqueness and enjoy this life a little more.

  • When: Sunday, April 24th - 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Cost: $35 Buy Now!